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  • What is Enso Games?
    Answer: Enso Games is a producer of experiences to help people connect. For family, friends, colleagues, and strangers. We are based in Hartford, CT, USA. Our principal game designer is storyteller Christopher P. Kriesen.
  • Why is it Called Enso Games?
    Answer: Enso is a symbol of fullness. Our games are designed to give people a sense of being connected as one. Our enso symbol was created specifically for us by an artist, with our enso intentionally left open on the right to signify the process is ongoing.
  • Why is Our Mission Social Connection?
    People are social creatures - we need community, not only for a sense of safety and belonging, but for our mental and physical health. Our card games help people connect for greater well-being.
  • Are Enso Games Safe to Play?
    Answer: Yes, but the more honest your sharing, the more you risk, and the more you gain.
  • Why Do Enso Games Work?
    Answer: Enso Games are built on story structure and encourage storytelling. The game actually resides in you.
  • Why Use Cards?
    We considered several options for helping people connect - a class, events, an app - and decided card decks are an excellent choice: they are easy to manufacture and scale, don't require maintenance, and are distraction free (anything on your smart-phone will compete with other things on your smartphone). Our decks are portable, beautifully designed with commissioned art, and fit naturally in your hand.
  • Where can I buy KINDRED?
    KINDRED is available at Amazon here.
  • What happened to CONNECT?
    CONNECT is a beta-deck, which found its way to Tokyo, Hawaii, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Belarus, Paris, and London. CONNECT is the parent of KINDRED.
  • What is KINDRED?
    KINDRED is a social connection experience, built on ritual, personal storytelling, and journey, for groups of two to eight people. It takes about two hours to play.
  • How is KINDRED different?
    KINDRED isn't a series of random questions. Instead, KINDRED is a carefully crafted journey - a ritual - designed to shepherd you toward kinship.
  • Why does KINDRED have a Dealer and a Leader?
    To keep the experience moving. The Dealer has the ultimate control of the game's flow. The Leader facilitates the experience. The host of the event is always the Dealer. The Dealer should take care to select the right kind of person to be the Leader. The Leader needs to have empathy, good judgment, and feel comfortable being in charge.
  • Do we have to keep score?
    No. The scoring system is there because some people like their experiences to be gamified.
  • KINDRED has ten levels - Do we have to play them all?
    KINDRED is built as a ritual experience, with an entry point, journey, and denouement. The more levels you play, the more the ritual works to create genuine connections.
  • Do we have to answer every question in every level?
    You should answer one question for each level you play. In the Deep Share and Deeper Share levels, at least one player should pick one question for everyone to answer. Often just answering one question with just four people takes an hour. So, it makes sense to move on to the next level. But you could also stretch the game out over a weekend or week if you are on vacation.
  • Whom is KINDRED for?
    Any group of people who want to connect in genuine ways. KINDRED works with family, friends, and even people who have never met. Not for everyone. For the seeking ones, the kind ones, the trusting ones.
  • What happens when I play KINDRED?
    It depends on how you play. You decide what to share, how deep to share, and how long to share. KINDRED is not a truth or dare game. KINDRED is not a predetermined game. KINDRED is not even a game - it's more an experience.
  • What is that Cypher Puzzel at the end, Level 7, cards 22 and 22.5?
    It's an expansion card. You can make it a new Level 7. Or you can ignore it.
  • I dropped the cards. What should I do?
    Pick them up. Look at the numbering. Order them.
  • Can we play KINDRED on-line?
    Yes, you can play KINDRED on-line. Each player should have a deck and you can use a video-conferencing platform to meet.
  • What is KINDRED TAPIS?
    TAPIS is a large group, one hour, social connection experience. At most cocktail hours, people form lifeboat groups and try to survive. With TAPIS, people form and reform small groups until everyone has met everyone. The perfect way to build connections in larger groups.
  • Where can I get KINDRED TAPIS?
    Nowhere. We're still working on it.
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