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About Us

People need real connections.


Enso Games helps you make connections real with shared storytelling.



We believe deeper connections lead to your well-being.


Founded in 2021 during the pandemic lockdowns which left many feeling isolated, our mission is to help people connect in genuine ways. We do so exclusively through the use of physical card decks, embracing the need for tactile, distraction-free experiences.

Our lead creator is storyteller Christopher P. Kriesen,

who taps into his knowledge of story as a way for you to bond.


Kinship in a box.


Our first experience, KINDRED, is based on the ritual of story structure, Jungian archetypes, and the ancient practice of storytelling around the campfire.


Our symbol, an enso turned on its side, was created by an artist for Enso Games, and embraces the tradition of enso painting as a form of meditation and waking up.

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